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Oh Gidget… August 12, 2012

Sandra Dee as Gidget in the 1959 film, (VHS cover)

Sandra Dee as Gidget in the 1959 film, (VHS cover) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gidget always seemed to explain what I was and still at sometimes think. When am I going to feel that way? When is it going to happen to me? All the while trying to fit in with the guys.


There Are Days When… July 12, 2012

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I want to be a Disney princess…

Cinderella (Disney character)

Cinderella (Disney character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why? Because they always get the guy, are pretty, great clothes, wonderful singing voices, and best of all heroines. Disney has found a way to take the image of a normally girly and not so heroic stereo type of snobby perfect females who were weak and couldn’t get their hands dirty into POWERFUL women.

In Disney’s latest film Brave the tag line is Change Your Fate. The lead character Merida doesn’t want to settle for what life has handed her. She dares to ask “what if”. Looking back on all of the Disney princesses this has become a theme over the years, with this years film stating it boldly in their tag line.

Brave (2012 film)

Brave (2012 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So thanks Disney for taking the princess image to a whole new level, a much better level. And for making my childhood and adulthood memorable.


Ponytails June 28, 2012

Is it just me or does anyone else, women specifically, get irked by the heroine in a movie or TV show that seems to have perfect hair constantly? Even after having a knock down drag out fight with their hair down. After driving in their car, whether convertible or windows down. Pretty much in anything they may do, the hair comes out looking like nothing ever happened.

Supergirl (film)

See? She’s flying! With her hair down and it not in her face!

That SO doesn’t happen. Try it. Get in your car with the windows down while driving on the highway and just see what happens. Guys, since you obviously don’t have a problem with this, unless you have longer hair, please take note of the women in your lives. It gets messy, it gets knotted, and you just can’t see anything but hair. In your face, in your mouth, swirling around like a hurricane.

It’s just not good. Bed head amplified. So you can imagine how my gut twists a little every time I see a heroine looking like she just walked out of a salon. Would it be too much for her to just realistically put her hair back in a ponytail? Wear a hat? Bunhead?

One of the only characters that I have seen do this was Isabel Evans played by Katherine Heigl on Roswell. I think I actually teared up when it occurred. The characters were constantly riding around in a jeep with no top. Every time she got in the car she’d pull her hair back into a ponytail. I don’t know if it was Katherine Heigl’s idea or who but thank goodness someone got it!

Roswell (TV series)

Roswell (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it may not matter to the audience at large but it matters to some of us. You want me to believe your story line, right? Get a hairband and start off with a ponytail! I’m not even going to get started with the scenes where women wake up in bed with makeup on…clogged pores much?

Which brings me to another recommendation of a more realistic movie in terms of bed-head, bad breath, and dating. Have you seen What’s Your Number? with Anna Faris? I love this woman. She’s funny and can pull it off. At one point in the movie she actually gets up out of bed while her guy is laying next to her to brush her hair and teeth before he wakes up. See? It’s not magic people!

All I’m asking is a little more of this in hollywood. That’s all. Not too much to ask now is it?


Wanted June 26, 2012

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If you haven’t heard this song by 20 year old country artist Hunter Hayes then you’ve been missing out. He may be only 20 years old but he already is proving that he has the song writing chops and the ability to show a woman how he feels. Much more than I can say for men twice his age.

I know I love it and wouldn’t mind someone making me feel “Wanted”. Check it out and tell me what you think!


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