Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

Status: Single February 14, 2016

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Don’t get your panties in a wad just because you might have the day to yourself. Celebrate it! You are not alone! More women than you think don’t have a date on this day, and it is not just because no one asked. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, need to stay at home watching sappy movies while eating chocolate and crying into your pillow. Get out there! Show yourself that you care about YOU.

Get a massage, go see a movie, hang with your girlfriends or whoever, stroll the downtown shops in your area or go a little farther and check out a new area. MOST importantly have fun, be good to yourself, and be kind to others! Its just another day in the week, in the month, in the year of your life. Don’t stress about it. You got this. Cause single is not just a status.


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