Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

Isaiah 40:31 January 10, 2015

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“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

There are days when I get ahead of myself and start thinking that I know what’s best for me. My plans, my way, my life. Yes, there are decisions I make on a daily basis that affect all of that. Yet, when I get ahead of myself and start trying to figure it all out because nothing is going according to plan, I forget whose plan it really is. God’s. He knows me better than anyone, even myself, and He knows what’s best for me. He strengthens me when I lose hope.

I know that some day everything will fall into place where it should be. Where God wants it to be. I’m not going to settle for less than what God wants for me because it is what I want for myself. It just takes a little reminder once in a while, like a silly little Facebook quiz asking questions to find out what my Bible verse is to knock on my head and soften my heart to God’s voice. To be reminded that He knows my call, He hears me, and He wants the best for me. It just may take a little more time than I had planned because He too wants it to be perfect, and doesn’t want me to settle for anything less than the best that He has planned for me.


Why Single Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Word January 14, 2013

I love my twitter friends and this one has definitely got her head on straight. I read her post today regarding being single at this stage in our lives and couldn’t agree more!

Take a look;

Leave her a note on her blog or mine and let us know what you think? Are you ready to rock single?


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