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What Happens Next January 4, 2015

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The New Year has begun and with that comes new beginnings.

I’ve gone through many years before this, my 32nd year, and each one it always seems as if I make commitments to myself that I don’t stick to. Not because they were meaningless but because I never fully put myself into them. I didn’t give those commitments the commitment they deserved. Tasking myself can sometimes be more difficult than tasking others. I’ve become good at putting things off by busying myself with other things that don’t pertain to me but others.

I know it doesn’t sound completely awful when you think about it. But for me? It is. For anyone like me, it is. Why? It means that we’re not taking care of ourselves. To be able to help others, you have to take care of yourself first. And that’s what I plan on doing this year.

I got a FitBit. A new devotional. And a plan.

It’s time to make this 32nd year of my life count for me. Not to depend on others to do it for me by waiting on it to come my way but by making it happen. To stop standing in my own way. There is going to be some major construction ahead and with the right tools, I think I’m going to be just fine.


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