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Make The Call September 6, 2014

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I guess I’m writing this as a way to encourage myself. It seems at times that I can get a little too much into my head and I tend to miss out on things because I overthink everything before it even happens. I don’t think I’ve ever been one to jump the gun. No risk taking here. Well, I have taken a few risks here and there and they haven’t always been smart. A certain tattoo is a reminder of at least one occasion. 

The area that I seem to have the most problem taking risks and letting my hair down is probably the easiest for other people. Guys. I just don’t know how to act. Not having dating much in my formidable years I tend to shy away from being the confident woman I should be owning at this time in my life. After all women rule the world right? 

If only that would help me out in my personal life. I can conquer the daily tasks of work and get things done but when it comes to my private life, and romance in particular I become a timid church mouse. Which is not my typical personality. I’m usually the outgoing one who loves to have fun with her friends and have a good time. But guys, well they are a whole different story for me. 

So my advice to myself and from a blog I’m a fan of ( is to do “one thing that will change my life”. For me, that’s just making a phone call. And I’m going to do it. I’m going to be brave. Get out and have fun, make the call and see where it takes me. 




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