Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

Considering Getting A Matchmaker April 11, 2013

Yes. This thought has gone through my head more than once. I watch several shows that involve matchmakers. The newest one is Ready For Love. The basis of this I will review over on my Entertaining Is Hard page. For now, back to me.

I have cut myself off of all dating sites in an attempt to become more social and outgoing. Not closed off hermit style in my house like I have been. The hard part about that deal? No money.

I had been running myself so thin that I never had the cash to be able to participate in any activities. I just had the opportunity to sit and be…well…bitter. And that’s never a good place to be. It’s one thing to settle in and have fun at home with someone. Whether that someone is a date or a friend. Having people around makes you feel better. It’s like putting the sun in the darkness.

I’ve been letting myself get a little too comfortable in the dark. That’s not me. So focusing on myself is Plan A. I feel better when I’m in a more organized and fit state of mind, body, and spirit.

Instead of focusing on that I start thinking, also with the suggestion from my mother every time a show like The Bachelor, or Ready For Love comes on, that I should go on it. Heck, nothing else seems to be working. And then within that split second of thinking it, I stop and realize “hell no I’d never be on it”. Too. Much. Drama.

No matter the angle that is spun for a show like that and how much better they are than the show before it. The drama is always there. It’s TV after all. And although most of us are looking for a storybook romance like in the movies, some epic tale to share down the line to others, we don’t always get that. Sometimes we just get normal, and that’s okay.

Because sometimes normal is better than any epic love story.


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