Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

10 Great Comebacks January 28, 2013


Ever get the question of “why are you still single?” especially around the holidays? Besides yah know, the every time you see someone normalcy. Or when there is a new single guy in the room and people try to pair you up, or on a date and a guy asks you? Cause, that’s not awkward. Here are 10 great comebacks to that question.

  1. Just lucky, I guess.
  2. Name one married superhero. Exactly.
  3. My mail-order spouse should be arriving any day now.
  4. Jesus was single. Would you be bugging him?
  5. Because no company is better than bad company.
  6. There are just too many proposals to pick from.
  7. What’s the rush?
  8. I don’t like to share.
  9. Haven’t seen anyone of interest yet.
  10. True love is worth waiting for. I’m not going to settle just because I’ve been single for a while.

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