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Hallmark, Kids, Wine, Beer, And Friendship November 21, 2012

I’ve got a friend who I adore. She is quite possibly one of the best people I know. She’ll probably even kick my butt for saying that, but it’s true. I’ve known her ever since high school and I don’t think I could even tell you how we met then. My mind doesn’t seem to keep track of those Hallmark movie moments like it should. You know, the “it was Freshman year in Mr. Smith’s class, we had English together and you asked me for a piece of paper.” Those kind of details never really stuck with me.

The main point is that we’ve been friends for a long time. I could always talk her easily, we were both athletes but not in the same sports. She was a runner, and is a runner, and I…am not. I prefer more physically active things like volleyball, softball, basketball. My explanation for never playing soccer, “I don’t run. Why would I want to play a sport where I could end up just running up and down a field all game?” Warming up with a few laps has always been just fine.

She also has one of the best, most heartfelt, hugs in all humanity. If I’m feeling down or out of sorts all I have to do is let her know I need a hug and she’s there with arms wide open. As we’ve gotten older, she’s now married with two adorable kids, those hugs have now included wine and beer. We laugh, straight talk, and listen to one another as good sounding boards. She’s one of a kind.

For the past week, I have had the absolute joy of spending more time with her. Her family lives out in the middle of fields and orchards and it can make it hard to get into town all the time. Solution? Almost a month of Auntie Ambee getting some time with the kids, two dogs (there were three…), 6 cats, 1 lizard, 4 fish, jack rabbits, coyotes, and of course Wonder Mom. Live in time that is. Has it been a little crazy? Yeah. Have I loved every minute of it? Heck yeah!

Kids grow so fast. And friendships can fade when not tended to. You know who your good friends are. No matter how long you go without talking to them, or seeing them, every conversation just picks up as if you just saw them yesterday. She has always been one of those friends.

It’s funny too because we find ourselves in conversations late at night saying. “well you know…blah blah blah” and the other says, “nope. never told me”. I think we’ve been friends for so long that we assumed the other one either knew or saw, did, went somewhere with the other one. So even though our friendship may be old we’re having fun rediscovering new things about one another all over again. It’s been a real treat getting to hang out with my dear friend. Even though at times she still thinks she’s not being “exciting” or “fun” because we’re cooking, watching TV (Hallmark movies), and being entertained by two kids instead of going out on the town.

I just keep reminding her it’s okay with me. I signed up for this stint to help her out. I’m loving it all. And in the end, she’s the one who is probably helping me more.


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