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A Friend November 10, 2012

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This repost is from a friend in need. There is always something coincidental about things that happen to be so similar or things that make you wonder if it all happened for a reason or no reason at all. For those of us that know better it’s not coincidence. It’s God. His plan had always been better than ours. We just can’t always see it.

But when we do get a glimpse, we know. We know that He’s working it out for us. He’s letting us know that He’s got our backs. Nothing is more reassuring than that.

This friend is in need of prayer. To me, at times it has always been a hard thing to ask for. To completely give my life over to God, to lose control, and not worry. I’m stubborn that way.

For Jesse, she’s doing just that. So please I ask, take a quick moment of your day after reading this and have a little conversation with God for her. I know it always helps when someone does for me.

~ A


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