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You Know It’s Bad When… November 2, 2012

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Your friends create an online dating profile for you where they only know the password because your current choices have become more than questionable. Yes, it’s true this happened. Thankfully not to me, but to someone even better, a guy who surprise surprise decided taking a girl from a bar home was better than calling me back. As you might be able to tell he’s been making questionable choices for awhile.

Poor guy didn’t even know the profile existed. However, this is a small town and people find out pretty quickly that a friend of a friend is online dating. And that person asks the mutual friend about that guy. Next thing yah know that friend is telling that guy, “hey your online dating? I thought you were seeing someone?”

And? He is.

Couldn’t help but laugh at this. I know, it’s cruel of his friends to take control of his dating life. At the same time though maybe it’s a good thing they’re doing it. Trying to make better choices for him. What could it hurt?

A few more dates, probably better than before. The downside would be him having to explain to the current girl he’s seeing. Yeah…that could be tricky. I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Maybe.


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