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Nice Picture, Who’s The Guy Behind You? October 30, 2012


Have you ever had one of those moments where you catch yourself looking at “the other guy” in the photo of a guy who’s interested in you? Or is that just me? I’ve noticed lately that when browsing photos posted of people I usually catch myself looking at ALL the people in the photo. I’m an observer by nature. So naturally I look at the entire picture, however, when it comes to dating I find myself wanting to know who the cute friend of the guy who’s “winking” at me is.

Typically because the guy who’s winking at me is not someone I’m interested in. For instance today I had an older, but not too old, cowboy “flirt” with me. When I pulled up his profile and decided that he was not the one for me, I couldn’t help but take a second glance at a roping photo. Why? Because the cowboy behind him was more, and in the right age range, of what I was looking for.

Is that bad? There is absolutely no way of acting on things like that. Well, there is but I’m not that bold yet. It would start out “hey, thanks for the flirt but who’s your friend in photo #2? He single?” Let’s just say that might come across in poor taste.

It’s a whole other matter if the guy suggests it. “I know we’re not a match, but I’ve got a buddy who might be better for yah”. I might be willing to give something like that a try. For now though I’ll just continue to observe.


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