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How Not To October 23, 2012

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Guys should just know when approaching a cowgirl…

Frankly & Fearlessly With Alisa Valdes

One of the best things about being a city girl who has fallen in love with a rural cowboy has to be my new friendships with actual cowgirls. Lord, are these girls tough! And beautiful. And fit. And capable. I love cowgirls, and hope that one of these days I might kind of be like one. But fellas, if you’re hoping to date a cowgirl, you should probably be careful how you approach her. Here are some tips of things NOT to say if you want to date her.

1. You look like you need help opening that beer, here, let a man do it.

2. I don’t see how a little thing like you could handle a big old horse like that.

3. Personally, I like nice, quiet girls the best.

4. Things were so much better when y’all just rode sidesaddle.

5. Yeah, sure, you can rope and…

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