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Pumpkin Patch And Promises October 18, 2012

This past weekend my mom, dad, best friend (she’s a more extroverted version of me) and her husband went to the pumpkin farm.
Good times were had. I found my Cinderella pumpkin.
I shall carve it into a masterpiece soon. I don’t joke about serious matters like pumpkin carving. My mom and I typically try to outdo ourselves each year by upgrading the degree of difficulty. Last year however with me just coming back from the ranch I found myself not up to par and quite honestly possibly a little depressed. Pumpkin carving was just not gonna happen.
Needless to say this year I feel like getting back in the game. Mom? This is my official announcement. Game on. Better get your pumpkin!
Anyway, back to the pumpkin farm. It’s local, it’s awesome. I did not attempt the corn maze as I was somehow inappropriately overdressed. I had just gotten a new stripped sweater and dark wash jeans and couldn’t wait to wear them. I would have overheated. Should have waited. *sigh* At least it made for good pictures.
Once we all loaded into the truck and got to the farm and, well, unloaded out of the truck ( details, details…) we made a B line for the food. In which I of course ordered the messiest sandwich there was. Saucy Tri-tip. Yum! Not a drop on the new clothes. My dad however cannot say the same.
It’s like a fun little game he plays all by himself. He knows he’s going to get something on him. He just hopes for the best every time but never quite succeeds. Good thing you can wash clothes again and again.
After we ate we loaded up with a cart and got to searching the patches. First we started in the back patches working in a zigzag pattern and after nothing was found there we headed to the hay ride to take us to the front patches.
The three of us loaded up, my parents stayed and looked around at all the wonderful trinkets and got their caramel apples. The patches went on forever it seemed!
During this trip it was brought to my attention not only from my bestest friend but from her husband that I needed to up my game. Apparently my pace of dating is no longer acceptable. Meaning a fourth seat in the truck needs to be filled by Christmas tree hunting time. What?! I can’t even begin to start on what this has done to my social life lately….yeeeeeeah that would be nothing.
I wish I could say since that day I have been on several dates but the only thing that has happened is an annoying email from a guy that I’m guessing may be a vegan…I’ll get to that later. Back to the pumpkin farm, I promised to try a little harder on being more outgoing, more comfortable, etc. Sad to say nothing is happening except the same old thing of me not having any dates and getting responses from guys who have nothing in common with me.
I have even suggested going to the NFR, getting a new rope and hat. Suggestions? I’m considering a new move again if this doesn’t work. If we’re going to be putting deadlines on me maybe a little help with the dating list might be good too? Just sayin’. Have someone in mind or a lot of eligible single male cowboy/farm/ranch friends that you can put me on a date with. I’ll do the ranch version of The Bachelorette.
Bring it.
I promised to try, and I’m doing that. Give me just a little hand? Please?

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