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I’m Tired October 9, 2012

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That’s all I really cared to get out of my mouth lately. Even that seemed like a waste of breathe. I’m astonished lately with the attitude I receive from my “elders”. And no, not the ones I’m close with but the ones I work with.

Why bother asking me how I am or telling me that I seem down when my answers are drowned out by the sound of your voice telling me how more difficult your life is? Especially when the parent/wife/mother card comes out of your back pocket. Seriously?! I understand that everyone has their own degree of “tired” and “busy” and I respect that but please don’t downgrade my life, schedule, etc. because I’m a single woman with no kids.

If it makes a person feel better to try and one up someone every time they say something, it can’t come as a shock when they completely wall up and shut you out. Get a clue people! I’m done wasting my energy, personality, and space in my heart for people who couldn’t give two cents about how I truly feel. The green eyed monster seems to be the thing you need to worry about, not me.


Thank you for letting me rant. I’ll take a step off my soapbox now.


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