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Am I Punishing Myself? August 19, 2012

This crossed my mind today as I was thinking about all the different possibilities of online dating. I’ve been completely ready to be over it and just throw in the towel. What good has come from it? The one guy that I actually met from it ruined my New Year’s, you can read that here.

It just gets tiring and distracting every time an email arrives with “matches” and they have nothing in common with what you’re looking for in your life. I’ve had a few close “matches” but nothing that just sang to the hills and knocked me over. I’ve just not been impressed. And I don’t mean by the men, because they are all just trying to find the right person as well (however there have been a few I question…), but by the matching system itself.

Maybe that is the problem with trying to leave my love life to a computer. It gets you in the door initially but then just seems to fail completely after that. It’s almost like there needs to be a coach of the opposite sex on each side telling you what to do after “first contact”. Men don’t want (or don’t know how) to continue to email and be able to get to know you. It seems that most want to text. As if texting really lets you get to know one another!

Short texts flung back and forth with flirting. Nothing serious ever seems to be discussed. And then what? The texts just stop coming. They either found someone who was better and the flirting or who just wanted a hook-up.

Am I asking too much from online dating?


3 Responses to “Am I Punishing Myself?”

  1. singlewhitefemaledating Says:

    Hah… don’t start about texting!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr HATE IT. I think it is “dating” full stop; internet dating just seems to attract the not so “attractive” ones. (mind and body) Don’t give up – let them “own” their problems… 😀


    • I keep forgetting about this one guy I need to blog about. I’d really just like to copy and paste his profile. It was so amazing (as in “are you kidding me”?!) I just had to read it to my mom and narrate it as much as I could with my facial expressions to emphasize his capitalization of many words. Just plain crazy.


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