Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

I Think I’m Being Bamboozled August 15, 2012

It seems like every time I sign up for a particular dating site I do not get the people interested in me that I am looking for. No wonder they call it a crap shoot. However, once my short little membership has ended I start getting flooded with emails regarding discounts to welcome me back, winks, and people who are suddenly interested in my profile because they said “yes”. Really? Where were these people when I was a paying member? Tell me that!

The worst part about it is that you have to be a paying member to know who these people are! You can’t even look at their profile. And it eats at you! I took the chance and the hit to my credit card once because I just couldn’t stand it any more not knowing. After a three-month membership I had all the sudden gotten three emails. So I signed back up and to my dismay it was much like these guys.

Then it hit me. Are any of these numbers or these interests real? Or is this site just trying to get my money back? So far I am refusing it. Go ahead and be interested all you want guys (or robots) but I’m not biting this time!


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