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A List August 13, 2012


list (Photo credit: Cathdew)

There is a list of things I currently have running through my head. All of the what ifs and whatnots that I would do if I had some extra cash.

1. Pay off last credit card

2. Pay off car loan

3. Get my windshield fixed

4. New tires on my car


6. Trips to see family

7. New MacBook Pro

8. New digital camera for blogging!

9. Trip to Australia

10. Trip to Italy

11. Trip to South Africa

And it continues to grow…what can I say? I have high hopes for my future endeavors 🙂


One Response to “A List”

  1. Life is no fun without dreams, so dream big! But here’s a tip–write down a day you “plan” on making these things happen and these things are three times as likely to occur! Writing down your goals is huge and really makes a difference in whether you reach them or not! 🙂


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