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Rejection Can Be A Beautiful Thing July 11, 2012

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At first rejection can hurt. Taking a chance on something or someone and not having something positive, in your initial prospective, come out of it makes it hard to want to try again. What if you just didn’t let it bother you? Brushed it off and moved on?

After all, you did try, and that’s half the battle right there. Instead of looking at rejection as a failure, look at it as a opportunity for something better. Chances are, that rejection was something that wasn’t right for you in the first place. In essence the rejection saved you from being miserable in the long run.

So take the rejection and keep moving on down the road. Find your right path that makes you deliriously happy and run full-out towards it. Something or someone out there is right for you. Go get it.

Use this new-found wisdom or old depending on if you’ve heard this before from your parents…cause my momma spouts this often, and try applying it. I know it’s hard, believe me when I say that I even have difficulty following my own and others advice regarding this.

I’m a big chicken when it comes to behind bold in dating. Well, honestly being bold in general is not my specialty. It always seems easier to say to do it then actually do it. And watching others being bold is a little easier on the self-confidence.

Imagine what it would do to your confidence if you were bold…and it actually worked out.


2 Responses to “Rejection Can Be A Beautiful Thing”

  1. katemeadows Says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for including a link to my blog on your post. Where is your ranch? I am a western Wyoming native, and seeing that term, “cattle guard,” just makes me homesick! Be well!


    • The cattle gaurd story was from my friend Megan Brown to which her ranch is located in Northern California. I have a small cattle operation that I help out with when I can also in Northern CA. However, I was in Jackson Hole, WY for two years working on a dude ranch. Miss it. Hope to get back into ranching more or permanently. Thanks for asking!


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