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Photo Shoot June 27, 2012

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I’m not a big fan of getting my picture taken. I can’t even really think of a time when I ever have been. I just feel awkward. Posing is not something I’m comfortable with. I much prefer being behind the camera.

Like below…I can’t naturally just do that. I feel goofy.

English: Heaven band

English: Heaven band (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) My arms start to feel like   they don’t belong to my body.

2) I can’t stop laughing and then my shoulders shake.

3) There is always wind coming from some direction that causing hair to be in my mouth.

4) My tummy gets upset

5) I don’t ever think I look right or feel comfortable.

6) I’m super critical about every feature, bump, curve, etc. that physically looks wrong to me. Yes, my image is a little skewed. Imagine that beauty magazine subscribers!

7) I start to sweat. A lot.

Those are just a few examples of things that run through my head when anyone wants to take my picture. Which is why my mom rarely gets photos of her children, except when we were…children. Back then we couldn’t say no. Unfortunately some times even now we can’t say no. That’s known as holidays and birthdays.

However last night I was able to relax a little. I had brought this upon myself by actually *gulp* asking for pictures from my friend Heather. Not to be confused with my sister, Heather. I had figured it was time to get some nice head shots at least to update some business things.

So why not, I thought, do that with someone I am comfortable with? I have to admit though that I was still nervous. It was like I was going on a date. My tummy got all tied up in knots and I didn’t know what to wear. I almost cancelled.

Once I got out to Heather’s house and we starting talking, and she gave me a beer, I relaxed. I still had my little awkward moments but she just worked right through them and we continued to talk and laugh. Before I knew it we were done. I should have the results of that photo shoot up in a couple of weeks. She’s one busy girl! And Heather’s photos are amazing!

Check them out here: Heather Smith Photography

I really enjoyed my sunset shoot with Heather and actually relaxed enough to have fun and from what she says get some great shots. Yeah! Thanks Heather for being so great! Even if I’m never going to be a model, I’ll work with you any time.


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