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Post Wedding Attendee Update June 26, 2012

I know your all just climbing up the walls for this post. Mainly I think to be thankful for the fact that you are not the ones who had to suffer through this event. For the most part however I will say that things turned out pretty well. Except well…I’ll get to that in a minute.

Jimmy and Aly

Now aren’t they just the cutest couple? Could this be a cuter pic? This was a part of their engagement photo shoot. I couldn’t be happier for this couple. They’ve been sweethearts since high school.

Who wouldn’t want to marry their best friend?

The Big Day

Didn’t she look amazing?!

I got to the church a little earlier than I expected. About a half hour before the wedding, and waited for my friends to arrive. This of course was after I had gone inside the church (hoping to find a bathroom) and noticed it was mostly family (and no bathroom in sight). After hugging the mother of the bride, the maid of honor (sister of the bride, whom I had also assistant coached volleyball to in high school), and stood around awkwardly for ten minutes, I stepped outside.

Then waited another twenty minutes for the girls to finally arrive. Who immediately informed me that I would be driving them home. As I had to be at work the next day at 4am I was okay with that. We all made our way back into the church. Did I mention it was a catholic church?


I’m not catholic.

An eager usher (He just jumped on in, extended his elbow and said “may I take you to your seat?” before I could get the other girls attention, off we went) escorted me to my seat. We chatted it up along the way about the night before, they were a little hung over/tired I think, and I took charge and told him what row to sit me in as I had friends right behind us that were all going to sit together. He was funny and said, “guess I overshot that huh?”

I couldn’t help but smile at this guy. The groom definitely had some characters for his groomsmen. Once we were all seated and I had spotted the only cute, possibly single, guy in the room we awaited the ceremony to start and tried via our handouts to figure out who the guy was. As soon as the wedding started it was easy to find out. Turns out he’s a relative of theirs. Gotta love those handouts!

If you’re wondering if I ever actually talked to the guy….nope. Still a big chicken. Anyway, after a lot of prayers, standing and sitting, standing and sitting….did I mention there was standing and sitting? No kneeling though! Escaped that one! The priest said a few words, and by a few I mean mass worthy. I could barely understand him with his accent. Spanish I think?

Bits and pieces I picked up on about love and God and the angels matching people before they were born. And then…he told the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I had to turn to my friend and ask, “did he just go all Disney on us?” Sure enough. That was one of the stories he chose to use as an example of love.

I tried to follow along with the rest of the service but as we were seated in a place that couldn’t really see much I recapped on some highlights of the film and Quasimodo. Before I knew it vows were being exchanged and they were exiting the church as newlyweds. After a moment outside to collect my newly assigned party we were on our way to the reception. The best/worst part about a wedding for a single gal.

Wedding Cake

This cake was marvelous. I ate three pieces. My tummy hurts. It was worth it.

We toasted the newlyweds and then the games began. The DJ did a who knows who better game by asking the two to hold up whichever shoe of themselves or their spouse answered the question. It was cute. And funny when it was split on who was right.

Next came my favorite part. *insert sarcasm here* The bouquet toss. As I was sitting in the very back of the room I felt no need to hurry myself up there. Actually I felt no need to get up at all. Even with the stares and encouragement of the others at my table.

The DJ even did his threat over the mic that he would find those who were single and not up there yet. This somehow made my ex-boss think it was a good/funny time to stand up behind me and point over my head to the DJ. Thankfully he did not see her. Talk about unwanted attention.

I figured that since the maid of honor was unmarried and by far the tallest of the 20 or so girls already up there that I would let the fates lie as they may. She caught the bouquet with one hand. I’m not gonna call it rigged…but…her boyfriend was in the unmarried club as well for getting the garter and he caught it. Interesting huh?

Plus, I already caught a bouquet. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. As I pointed out to my friend, whose flowers I caught 3 years ago, “I already caught one. Look what that’s done for me.” I think by now with all the other weddings I have gone to I have successfully disproven that myth. Or should I say unsuccessfully?

So to sum up this wedding, I had a wonderful time seeing two very much in love people get married. I ate cake, a lot. Had a wonderful meal. Got to hang out with my friends, I ended up at my old work table, and have some laughs with them while catching up. Didn’t dance with or speak to any guys at the reception.

Boo to me.

Like I said before, I’m trying to be more outgoing. Baby steps will hopefully turn into toddler steps soon. I’m just taking my time getting comfortable with one toe out of the safety zone at a time.


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