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You’re So Much Cooler Online Cont’d June 8, 2012

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Okay so I replied.

To sum it up all that came out was “Thanks for the email. However, I am not interested. I hope you are able to find who you are looking for”.


I didn’t really want to give this guy any hope. I have the feeling that if I had been my polite, not so upfront self this guy would not have taken the hint.

Yes, his profile was THAT bad. Did I mention if you were to print it, it would at least be 6 pages? I could tell by the way he expressed himself and what he had written that his first marriage did not go so well.

As icing on the cake he decides to let you know upfront in his profile that he has Asthma and polyps in his nose so he talks like he has a cold…


How do these guys find me? Not only that but where the heck do they get the idea we have “a lot in common?” I’d like to see you in a saddle with a rope in your hands buddy cause that person has a lot in common with me. Not you.

Finally I blocked my profile from his. Why? He just gave me that angry hate mail, stalker vibe.

Good luck guy. And good riddance.


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