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You’re So Much Cooler Online June 6, 2012

Or not.

I sign up. Basically because someone (that someone being my mom) offered to pay for it. And as a bonus I signed up on a free site as well. The problem with online dating? No one I am looking to date is typically online. Farmers, ranchers, cowboys…are you hearing me?

I’m looking for this…

Somehow even though I think I’ve explained that without being rude in my profile. No “please don’t email me if…” or “looks are important to me”. Assuming that they actually read it I guess is asking too much. Why? I keep getting this instead…

*note I am somewhat of a geek/dork/nerd in my own right and accept that

I appreciate the flirt. It’s a compliment. Props to you for putting it out there and saying hi. I, myself, know how tough it is to make initial contact because I’m shy when it involves the opposite sex of whom I am attracted to. I clam up. Quiet as a church mouse and blush red from head to toe if attention is brought in my direction. I’m working on that.

So I continue to be polite in return. I’ll send a thanks but no thanks. After all isn’t something better than anything?

But what do you say to something like this?

Wow, you are to lovely of a goddess to be out there single and looking, What little devil let you go out of his life? I would like to as for the honor of getting to know the lovely woman I see and share a lot in common with, my name is J***!


(I read his profile. Let’s just say it’s not any better.)


Got nothing.


One Response to “You’re So Much Cooler Online”

  1. […] The worst part about it is that you have to be a paying member to know who these people are! You can’t even look at their profile. And it eats at you! I took the chance and the hit to my credit card once because I just couldn’t stand it any more not knowing. After a three-month membership I had all the sudden gotten three emails. So I signed back up and to my dismay it was much like these guys. […]


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