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Nice Girls Finish Last March 7, 2012

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I wonder if it has ever occurred to men that we women have the same “nice guys finish last” complex.


Or should I say nice girls finish last? Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the feminine mind goes there as well. Some other person gets married, has a kid, etc. and the thought can’t help but come along. What about me? How come them?


Why are women attracted to jerky guys by a man’s standard and men attracted to witchy gals by a women’s standard? Is it because they tend to be bolder? More outgoing? Direct even?


It seems to me that I hear a lot of men talk about how women are always attracted to the bad boys. No women ever wants the nice guy. I know that’s not true. My girl friends and I have had many conversations regarding this very issue.


Each time all I hear them say is how they would like someone with manners, treats them well, appreciates them, a gentleman who LOVES them.


On the opposite side women are always talking about men wanting the “girl next door/take home to mom” type but instead go straight for the first woman they see in a tight dress or low-cut top. I believe author Steve Harvey referred to this as “sport fishing”. I understand that men would like to end up with a nice girl but it makes it hard to believe when women witness time and time again this pattern. Just as much as it makes it hard to believe that women want a gentlemen when they keep chasing the bad boys.


Doesn’t this whole thing just seem crazy? We’re all just a bunch of walking contradictions. Trying to figure ourselves out is hard enough. We are complex people with complex emotions. I’m going to stop myself before I get all psychoanalytical about it anymore than I have. I’ve read too much maybe.


So where in all of this does the nice guy and nice girl find one another?


Sometimes I feel like waiting (not always so patiently) for the right man God has planned for me is like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.







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