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Conversation Hearts And Being Single February 14, 2012

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Ever heard of eating your words or suppressing your feelings? How about eating your feelings? Well..with these lovely little things you can do that easily! And what better day to do it than on a wonderful day like today when everything on T.V., the computer, and in stores reminds you of just how alone you are?


English: An array of Necco Sweethearts (conver...

English: An array of Necco Sweethearts (conversation hearts). Little, chalky pieces of candy with phrases written on them; available around Valentine’s Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Crunch on one of these babies that says love, sweet talk, etc. and you start to feel a little better. It may be the sugar rush but it helps.


It’s not that I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I’ve just never been on the good end of it. I’ve been stood up, rejected, and found myself year after year alone or working, or both on this day of love. I’m not one to really care about the day itself because I don’t think there should have to be a day that you tell the person you love, you love them.


Valentine’s Day throws all that love in single people’s faces. We are fully aware that we are loved by our family and friends. My mom and dad make sure that I know this EVERY Valentine’s Day. Embarrassing? Yes. Loved? Yes.


It’s not a matter for me as a single person about not being loved on Valentine’s Day. It’s a matter of not having that one person. That other half of your soul person. That love of your life makes your heart beat faster, gets you twitter-pated speechless kind of person.


I could make a list of all the if only statements I have made or thought when it comes to the possibility of loving someone with all of my heart. One day I hope to be able to do that. God has a plan, waiting is the hard part.


So for all my single friends, don’t give up. And for all my married and non-single friends, embrace the one you love and tell them EVERY day what they mean to you.


In the meantime I think I’ll eat some more chocolate, watch some sappy movie, and try to be patient for that extra love all of you are hopefully getting today.


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