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The Wrong Kind. Part 2: Younger Men January 30, 2012

There is always that moment when you think your getting old. Your single and “old”. It happens when your out one night with your girls and a much younger guy comes over and boldly starts to chat you up. Don’t get me wrong, the confidence is appreciated but at the same time you just upped my status to that lovely 21st century term: cougar.

Cougar / Puma / Mountain Lion / Panther (Puma ...

Cougar / Puma / Mountain Lion / Panther (Puma concolor) closeup. Philadelphia Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not a cougar, puma, or any other animal in the kingdom. That’s just not me.

It can be a little flattering to have someone young and attractive (and by young I don’t mean a year or two, I’m talking generation gap) come and show interest in you. However, I know it’s not going anywhere past that.

I’m looking for long term, marrying, ready to have kids kind of men. From what I’ve experienced these younger guys are nowhere near that stage emotionally or financially. I should have to “train” or “raise” them. That was their parents job. And just like I’m not looking for a sugar daddy, I’m not looking to be a sugar momma either.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong (after all ladies you know what’s best for you). Some people don’t mind the gap. Good for them. I’m just not that person. Although the flattery is nice at first the gap is just too wide for me (we’re talking Red Sea).

I like being able to make pop culture references of the 80’s/90’s and actually have someone know what I’m talking about. As well as several other things that may have occurred in my lifetime (words like VHS, dial-up, tape deck, record player etc.). There is also a certain maturity and difference in ideals that people have. People were raised differently than the next generation and the next…

One exception to this I have noticed is in ranching and farming families. No matter the age it seems like they have their head on straight. Manners, maturity, and values are engrained in these generations. This is how I’d like my future kids to be raised.

Even though those above mentioned qualities are super attractive and very much appreciated I still stand beside my ageism in this matter. Like I said though, it’s a personal preference. If I’m going to feel “old” I want it to be along with someone else.


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