Dating Is Hard

Stumbling Through The Adventures And Misadventures Of Dating With God's Grace

The Wrong Kind. Part 1: WAY Older Men January 22, 2012

Why does it always seem like the guys I’m not attracted to are attracted to me? This question alone is why I have issues with things like online dating. Dating in general really. I’ve had many conversations with my girl friends about this very subject. Men look at pictures, not necessarily all the information you bother (as required) jotting down on a profile.

Silly little things about your age requirements, last book you read, things you like to do, and so on. Why would anyone want to know about that stuff? (unless they were actually interested in YOU that is). Crazy right? Instead men wink, email, or favorite you without ever actually looking at what your looking for.

Yes, attraction is key. I get that. I want the person I fall head over heels twitterpated for to make me blush and my temperature rise. There are more things that attract a person though. It’s more than just that initial chemical reaction. I guess this is where all that opposite sex mumbo jumbo comes in huh?

For once I would just like someone to not only see my looks but beyond that before trying the hard task of saying hello (that whole fear of rejection thing doesn’t seem to bother some men at all). Honestly I’m getting tired of winks, emails, roses, and you name it from men who are 45+ years old telling me how they’d like to be my sugar daddy. Really? Um…

No thanks. Take a little time and read what’s below the picture. Get to know the woman before you open your mouth and sound like a complete jackass. You might be surprised at what you find. Independence, Intelligence, and a range of many other things.

Maybe, just maybe, then you’ll take into consideration what it is I’m (We’re) looking for and know your not it. No feelings hurt, no ego bruised. Just walk away quickly and don’t look back. Otherwise it’s just plain creepy.


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